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About Us

The Solution Makers Institute for Training is an accredited training institute specialized in training individuals and companies in the field of Oracle to put a footprint in the field of development and development in all parties, according to well-studied training plans, that combine the requirements of the labor market with global developments in the field of training, development and qualification.
The Training Solution Makers Institute is a network that brings together experts in training and consulting from different countries of the world to provide high-quality training and consultancy services for the development of human resources, administrative systems and business solutions for institutions and companies.
The Training Solution Makers Institute has been established since the beginning of 2014 to make efforts and professional commitments in accordance with international standards to provide integrated academic and professional services and solutions in the field of consulting and training. We make great efforts to ensure excellence and maintain a high level of quality, which made us obtain the first category classification for institutes.
Our business network is mainly centered in the field of training courses, seminars, lectures and workshops, and its topics are multiple to cover various horizons from management sciences, technology, human resources, supply chains and services, in addition to various professional and technical fields.

Our Mission

At one time a lack of scientific competence could cost you your work. The number of devices connected to the Internet is multiplying at a faster rate than the world's population, and to this day there are more things than people networking with each other. The Internet of Things, network routing or the Fourth Industrial Revolution are ways of expressing this dynamic transformation and it is already clear that many of today's students will be taking jobs that did not exist before. From the perspective of the Internet of Things, automation and artificial intelligence systems, roles will emerge that require skills and competencies completely different from what we can imagine today. Who can handle this technological development? There is an urgent need today more than ever for technical specialists who are able to efficiently shape, efficiently control and protect our future.


Our Vision

The National Transformation Program 2020 and the founder of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is the roadmap and platform for launching our training programs so that we are the first and best training entity in the Kingdom that supports the vision and objectives of this program through unprecedented professional implementation mechanisms that are commensurate with the ambition of the vision to be achieved by providing the best services and preparing excellent training plans. Using strategic and deliberate steps, and using a group of experts and consultants, to achieve the strategic goals of individuals and institutions by providing distinguished training, advisory services, using modern scientific means, and contributing to achieving the vision of the Kingdom, and increasing training programs to cover a much broader market in various fields.

Our Goals

The human capital is the most valuable asset of the state, so its rehabilitation and preparation for the future through an ambitious vision, in which the strategic objectives adopted in the National Transformation Program 2020 for the participating parties were translated into a set of programs and qualifying courses aimed at achieving a mechanism of action and distinct outputs. The National Transformation Program will have a tangible impact on the effectiveness of planning and the integration of government work. Therefore, our goals are:

Building a conscious generation and distinguished competencies.

The fruits of knowledge are reaped with practical applications.

Local cadres with international competencies.

Careful analysis of training needs.

Learn without restrictions.

Development and training of human elements to raise their productive capabilities.

Organizing courses to raise the cultural, skill and scientific level for companies and individuals.

Our Team